World Cup Analysis

Who Doesn’t Love the Socceroos?

I absolutely love how Tim Cahill appeared to be the most feared aerial striker on the planet. He is 5 foot 10 inches and 34 years of age. Still, each Socceroo cross that came about, I thought for sure he would win the header. Most of the time, he did. Why are Australians so loveable? If you haven’t heard Cahill talk before, he is quite a great human. He seems to be an honest, hard-working, humble guy. I believe he interviewed with the Men In Blazers at one point. Either way, Australia will fight to the end in this group stage… but sadly, they will likely end up going home without a point. Honestly, without Cahill’s goal to change the game, it looked like this match would get out of control. As someone who generally hopes for a good match-up, I was scared after the first 25 minutes. After Cahill’s goal, the Aussies played inspiring football. They had a few chances to tie the game up. However, I was glad to see Beausejour as the man to put the match away for the Chileans. He gave the Chile side a spark late and masterfully struck his goal. Plus, how can you not root for a man who immediately turns around shocked, breaking out into tears basically, after scoring a World Cup goal. That’s what this whole blog is about. Image



Any Thoughts?

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