World Cup Analysis

Goal Line Technology!!


I feared we would not have a controversial goal in this World Cup with the new implementation of goal line technology. It was not more than an hour into the ninth match of the tournament that Karim Benzema a provided perfect introduction. The sad effect of the narrative to follow: Benzema’s brilliance was vastly understated on the broadcast. A full sprint volley across the net is no easy task. What’s worse for the French striker, he was not given credit for the controversial goal, as it was ultimately knocked in by the Honduran keeper. Four years from now, the notion of goal line technology will make us wonder as to why FIFA didn’t implement this earlier. Referee’s have too much to worry about on the pitch as it is. If you have the technology, why force them to decide a match on a call they will never have a decent angle to make correctly?

As for the game itself, it was all about Benzema. His finishing ability on the final two goals was impeccable. I don’t think a casual fan can appreciate how easy he made those two goals look. As a neutral, it was disappointing that Palacios was sent off in the first half. I wanted to see the Hondurans perform their greatest Costa Rica impersonation: Fend off early pressure and counter attack their way to an upset. On the positive side, it is easy to enjoy an expressive French team a man up and with a lead. For moments of the second half, it seemed France might pour on five or six goals before the final whistle blew. Benzema has to be the early front runner for the Golden Boot at this stage, given his form and the relatively easy group. Even if the narrative is unkind to Benzema in this match, I am glad we got the first important usage of goal line technology out of the way early in this World Cup. Let us now enjoy football.